Red Rover, Red Rover, Send New Lawyers Over!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the attorneys at Leonard Carder LLP in California. It appears you did a fantastic job getting a fair and equitable settlement for your fellow residents of California. Well done. Unfortunately when it came to We the 12,000 contractors in the multi-state settlement, we were left with whatever scraps you and FedEx decided to which we were entitled. It’s fortunate that they didn’t offer us free cafe lattes at Java World first, otherwise I get the feeling we would all be drinking coffee free for the next year.

If I come off as ungrateful it’s because I am. Please don’t delude yourselves into thinking it’s just me not appreciating your talents and hard work, the woods are filled with more just like me! Some, more than willing to protest this misbegotten settlement; some, the silent majority (?) who hate the deal but need the money more; and some who no longer have a stake in the game, tired of the Purple Promise and after having left long ago are ecstatic to be getting money they never expected to be awarded.

I don’t pretend to be a legal expert, but I’ve watched Suits and Boston Legal often enough, read enough John Grisham, even saw the movie Erin Brockovich, twice! This settlement has nothing to do with the differences between California employment law vs. the rest of the country; it simply represents the sell-out of We the 12,000 non-California contractors who performed all of the same duties, wore all the same clothing, bought and paid for all the same equipment, worked all of the same uncompensated overtime, delivered all of the same packages, and showered and groomed every bit as well as they did. So how in the name of Sam Hill could our west coast brothers be entitled to $150-$200 per week more than the rest of us? It’s outrageous, aggregious, and preposterous! Was anyone actually doing the math? At $41.13 /week, that breaks down to $8/day or 75 cents/hour. That doesn’t even put the half in time and a half. What legal team would agree to such ridiculous amounts? Possibly a legal team whose interest at this point is only the collection of their fees and who are no longer willing to fight the good fight? Convinced in their own minds that these settlements are fair to all involved.

So where does that leave We the 12,000? For now I would say we were, “attached to another object by an inclined plane, wrapped helically around an axis.” But we may surprise ourselves yet. Maybe we can unite and make our objections heard, long and loud enough that the legal system that binds us will see this proposed settlement for what it really is, a pathetic attempt at paying off the masses for their silence. And if the legal system agrees and orders the two sides back to the table with new counsel for We the 12,000, I suggest this should be our own Artificial legal dream team;

  • Lead Chair-Saul Goodman who the other lawyers will hate because of his second-rate education, but won’t hesitate to get in the mud when it’s needed.
  • Second Chair-Daniel Caffey can finally get that set of steak knives he lost on A Few Good Men. 
  • Third Chair-Jake Brigance can say to Fred Smith and his hatchet men, “Now imagine, you’re a contractor.” And the whole courtroom will weep for our pain.
  • Fourth Chair-Harvey Specter who lives by the rule, “The success of the client is a success of yours.” He would never settle for $41.13/week. Why should we?

It’s not over unless we say it’s over.

14 thoughts on “Red Rover, Red Rover, Send New Lawyers Over!”

  1. Nice!!Missed this one earlier,Great job! Thats exactly what happened, the legal eagles threw us to the curb not willing to put up a fight.Lets take a settlement it’s good for everyone involved.PLEASE, give me a break.I’m sure at least 90% of the 12,000 are in agreement. Such a bad deal!!!


    1. So how do we draw a line and say no more? Can we get enough drivers to say this is wrong and justice has been far from served? They can’t buy into the nonsense that to fight it any longer would put us in jeopardy of recouping any of our money. There’s too much on the table to just let FedEx off the hook with such a pathetic settlement. It needs to hurt them more, they’ve certainly earned it!


      1. I wish i had the answer.How do we get our voice heard? Other than sending in objections to the court,stating that we do not approve of this settlement.Don’t know what good that will do but i guess it’s better than not doing anything at all.Remember, Class counsel and the Named plaintiffs already agreed to it. Might be tough to find a new attorney or attorneys willing to take this on?As i said earlier hopefully the court will receive a boat load of objections and have no other alternative but to send both sides back to the table.(You will not be excluded from the original settlement if you send in your objection). That’s what i was told!


    1. Just read that 7 of the original class representatives in New Jersey objected to the proposed settlement in their state.It looks like they got themselves new attorneys? I thought co-counsel and the named plaintiffs agreed to the settlement? And now the truth comes out!! Only counsel approved of the settlement! Not the drivers.


  2. Fairness Hearing vacated by the court? Now it will be held on March 13 and 14.Maybe too many objections and the court needs more time?


  3. Does not look too good for the Pennsylvania class members.Only two(2) objections received out of 1262 notified members in P.A. Looks like New Jersey has a better shot.They have different attorneys fighting for them.I guess you were right,we’ll have to take what they give us! At least i feel a little better knowing i voiced my opinion to this settlement,instead of saying nothing!


    1. At least I can be proud of the fact that I was one of the two people who filed formal objections to the insulting Pa settlement. I wonder if the fact that Pittsburgh is home base for FXG might have had something to do with it


      1. I was curious as to who sent in the other objection. I did see your name listed in the court documents. It blows my mind that there were only 2 objections sent in out of 1265 . Well, i also read that there was zero objections from a majority of the other states ,with the exception of New Jersey and New York. It looks like everyone gave up and decided to take the money and run?


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