Another Option for Disney…

Whether you’re a fan of Disney or not, you’ve probably heard of The Hall of Presidents attraction in Walt Disney World in Florida. And maybe you also know it’s currently closed for refurbishment…the newest addition will be the bust of President Trump.

It might be the most controversial thing Disney has ever done…petitions have been signed asking Disney to exclude Trump from The Hall…or at least to not allow him to speak during the show…since 1993 the current President has always given a speech… 

Groups like have been involved in the fight to exclude Trump from The  Hall, doing what they do best…starting petitions…with all due respect to their efforts, seems like they would have bigger issues deserving of their attention…and of course We the People argue the issue all over the internet…as mean-spirited and divided as ever…with little or no compromise to the debate available…

Well, let’s see if we can change that…maybe make both sides happy happy…it also has been announced that Disney will be changing its Pirates of the Caribbean attraction…again…this time to make it more politically correct. If you’ve been to the parks…been on the ride…you remember the part where your boat floats past a slave auction…all women in chains…to the chant of “We wants the redhead! We wants the redhead”, coming from the assembled pirates, cutthroats, and scurvy scum. Disney wants to change that…okay I get it. But just like The Hall, many have spoken out against the change…some still mad that Jack Sparrow has been added…here’s my suggestion…

Keep the Dems and groups like happy and don’t add the bust of President Trump…instead, dedicate the Pirates ride to Trump and the members of his cabinet. IMG_0471The part of the ride with the slave auction…the slaves are now played by various We the People…the pirates…you guessed it…his various cabinet members…pirates all, and shouting in unison, “We wants the redhead! We wants the redhead!”, to President Trump, smiling and waving from a window in the west wing. And as a bonus…your boat will now Sail  past a  life-like crooked Hillary Clinton…(his words…not mine) now behind bars, trying to coax that little dog to give her the keys to the cell door…low-key chants of “Lock her up! Lock her up!”, in the background…remember this is a ride dedicated to President Trump…have to give them what they want…

and now leaving The Hall to the Democrats…once again dividing We the People as much as ever…this time simply over two damned amusement park attractions…

2 thoughts on “Another Option for Disney…”

  1. I actually like the idea……can we add a couple of other “dignitaries” to the grouping? Maybe an international section, sort of UN Follies kind of thing?


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