Let the Job Search Begin…

I’ve finally decided it’s time to go. No, not this blog… from my current employment situation…You’s can’t get rid of me that easily…

Don’t get me wrong…I have a great boss who has a really cool car and reads this blog in the bathroom…what more could I ask for…am I right?

Fortunately, I can take my time looking since I still have a job that pays my bills…and with websites like Zip Recruiter, I have access to all kinds of jobs in my area that were posted months ago, and to my good fortune, seems they were never filled.

I’ve created a resume with so much Shimmer and shinola…there’s no question in my mind that I’ll have a new gig before the end of the year…so boss, if you’re reading this during your morning constitutional, this is my provisional two-week notice…there may be more to follow depending on my success…

I’ve read where NASA is looking for a new Planetary Protection Officer…wonder how many of the boxes I check off for that job?…


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