Who Is White America…It Ain’t David Duke…

My apologies to President Trump and all of the other Washington politicians calling for unity and understanding during the violence that took place in Virginia this past weekend.

I will not…befriend or defend a neo-Nazi…I will not try to understand the alt-right movement…I’ll never tolerate a hate-mongering member of the KKK…I won’t listen to a creep like David Duke exercise his First Amendment right…he, who calls himself and his knuckle-dragging idiots “White America”…Duke says he helped Trump win the White House and that his group was going to take America back…like then candidate Trump promised they would…

We the People need to re-define what Nationalism is…what a Nationalist stands for…this current brand of Nationalism is divisive…exclusionary…and about fear mongering…and if allowed to go its own way, will be destructive…have we already forgotten what domestic terrorists like Timothy McVeigh are capable of?…

I wonder…how many other Timothy McVeighs were in that mob on Saturday?…does that question cause you to  Prickle  at the thought that someday these Nationalists just might show up in your town?…on your street?…

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