Another Way to See Walt Disney World…Without Me!

Don’t read into that the wrong way…I don’t mean Witout Me! like I never want to go there again…just the opposite…I would live there if I could…I’ve chosen to Elevate  working at Disney World to Number 1 on my list of retirement jobs…

this past Labor Day weekend my wife wanted to go to Disney World, so she did…by herself…Without Me!…a little context if you’re not familiar with my family…my daughter lives down there and works for Disney, so it’s not like she was down there all by herself running around acting like an adult who’s never grown up…no, instead my wife and daughter ran all over the World to their favorite eateries, enjoyed the spa, and even went trick-or-treating in the Magic Kingdom…like two adults who’ve never grown up…and what did I do?…

…well after making all of the hotel arrangements…setting up the Magic Express to get her back and forth to the airport…I got to enjoy the 3-day party that was my next door neighbor’s wedding…complete with loud music until the wee hours of the morning…somebody smoking pot in front of my house…and no invitation, not even a sliver of wedding cake for my troubles…but that’s okay…as long as my wife had fun, am I right?…

by now you can tell the whole thing has left me somewhat bitter…so what did I do this past weekend?…well, out of spite, I took off Friday and Saturday to go along with my scheduled day off today…and I didn’t do a darn thing…no mulching or pulling weeds from flower beds…no tree trimming…no “honey do” list chores of any kind…and I binge watched Season 5 of House of Cards…I didn’t lift a muscle…that ought to teach her to go to Walt Disney World Without Me!…



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