The Junk In My Drawers…

I have all the best junk in my drawers…at least that’s how President Trump would put it, am I right?…I would not of course brag about my junk the way he does, I’m a little more humble than him…especially after years of my wife telling me the junk in my drawers is just small and worthless…but don’t kid yourself…she can’t keep her hands off of my junk when it’s something she needs…she needs her battery recharged?…she gets it from my junk…she needs something sticky?…again, right there, all in my junk…something to write with?…well, this time I will brag…my small, worthless junk can satisfy that demand.

If you feel unsatisfied by the junk in your…or your significant other’s drawers…you have my Sympathy…and if you thought this was about anything other than my household junk drawer?…you should probably talk to someone about that…just don’t go looking through the junk in my drawers for the answer…

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