Tell Me Again Why the Hell Am I Here?…

This week I started my new job…it’s an entry-level management position at a large family owned chain of grocery stores…it shocks me that they even called me in for an interview since my resume shows no retail management experience whatsoever…even more after two of the responses I gave them during my face-to-face interview…let’s just say if I had a coach with me during the interview…they would have passed out where they sat after listening to these answers…one about intentionally breaking a company policy which resulted in a customer extorting $4,000 from me…the other about an employee who actually told me during his review that his job performance was suffering because a witch had cast a spell on him…both true stories, but answers no coach would ever tell you to repeat in an interview with a potential employer…

..but surprisingly, they hired me anyway, maybe they appreciated the two stories, the likes of which they’ve probably never heard from a job candidate…and it made me wonder, what the hell was going on around here that they would hire someone with no retail background and who gave unverifiable and extremely hard to believe answers to two interview questions?…what kind of desperation would cause them to ask me to wait after the interview so they could put me in front of the store manager?…

I’m pretty sure the store manager had better things to do, but apparently he did not…I think I actually hooked him when I was able to get from him during our discussion that he was an Eagle Scout, like my son, and that I as an adult leader with my son’s troop had taught the Eagle Scout rank required Communications merit badge…my pretend coach would have shit wooden nickels over this part of the interview…apparently they were at least satisfied that I was an acceptable candidate since they offered me the position on Monday morning (I interviewed on a Friday afternoon)…

So this week when I started full-time, I hoped I would be able to figure out why the hell they chose me…why would they hire me with my background into an entry level management position rather than promote from within, which they claim is their policy (I do believe that to be true)…the answer was as easy to see as the gray hair on my head…was I a poster child for them?…the token gray-haired employee in what is otherwise a job done by much happier and younger looking millennials?…am I just a placeholder?…a Proxy until an actual, more acceptable, smiling faced millennial comes knocking?…and if you think I’m overreacting, why in the name of Sam Hill haven’t they taken down the job posting yet?…You think about that one…I know I do…


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